Pishat Residence is designed in such a way as to reflect freshness and vitality with the combination of nature and modernity in the facade. The location of the project is surrounded by roads, which also leads to the concept of the project to create internal courtyards for many reasons such as safety, privacy, and the satisfaction of the residents who live as residents of this community.

After some solar analysis, the concept was developed by creating some curves in the buildings, which resulted in the creation of two internal courtyards, with more access from the main roads, since the location is close to schools, kindergartens, and many other main activities, as well as the creation of terraces. The mix of colors in the cubes of the balconies gives an identity to the modern facades both during the day and at night. Pishat Residence is composed of 8 blocks with approximately 400 residential units, underground parking as well as other common contents.