The kindergarten, consists of 7 classroom with 21 kids per class. Each classroom has 108 m2, or 6 modular containers. On the ground floor, all 2 classrooms are for toddlers, whereas on the first floor the 2 rooms for 1-2 year old kids, and 3 rooms for toddlers. Having analyzed carefully the interactive way of education of modern days, we did propose the mix use of the classroom, which could be adapted according to the specific activities during the day.The small kid classroom includes the daytime sleeping beds, which could be removed during the days, to release the space for different activities. The kitchen is positioned on the north side. The entrance for the kitchen supplied is separated from the main entrance, and includes the alley road for the delivery vehicles.

Challenged by the prefabrication, the transport and all the technical difficulties, didn’t stop as creating a playful piece of architecture that would stay in the memory of the kids when they have grown up. Having designed the building from a child’s point of view, the layout focusses on creating intimate and diverse spaces.


Studying the moves and the position of the child’s during the classes, led us to different sized “interactive” openings on the façade which frame the views toward the internal green garden. The playful façade, enhanced by the composition of wood cladding gave the building a truly kindergarten character.