With its two separate production buildings of 20,000m2 each and 5,700m2 creative workspaces, InstaBuilt is the biggest modular house factory project on the region. The plant was designed to produce up to 4000 modular houses per year, representing the future of pre- fab construction in the region and more.


Situated on a plot size of 140,000m2, the two production buildings and the innovation center, were designed to utilize the entire process from the design to fabrication, assembly and finishing.

Spanning at 100m in width, 200m length, the production buildings were designed to allow maximum flexibility through minimal obstruction by construction elements. Standing almost 13 meters high, the building’s ceiling space allows for tall manufacturing equipment and could be used to store pallets.

The factory’s services ran along the perimeter, fitted around large to the ground windows, where the staff could enjoy daylight and views to the green park from the factory floor.