Cold storage distribution facilities are a unique segment within the industrial architecture design. Due to the temperature sensitive products they handle, their operating and maintenance aspect is the most important aspect. Focused in designing efficient cold storage facility, our concept incorporates features and construction techniques that increase operating efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs. Higher clearance heights, increased building envelope R values, and specialized concrete slab installations where the main consideration during the design process.


The facility features a 2000 square meters freezer within 7000 m2 warehouse with a 9 meter clear height. With the raised clear ceiling height, the facility was designed to accommodate 2000 pallets of frozen product utilizing a very narrow aisle racking layout with manned fork trucks.

The shape of the building consists of two rectangular volumes, forming a “L” shape geometry where the small rectangular office building in front, was shifted slightly to cover the loading zone. The vertical brisoleys on the front façade make it more dynamic, balancing the smaller office building in the front with the massive storage building of the back. The earthy tone pallet throughout the entire project reflect the naturality and freshness of the fruits and vegetables the company facilitates and processes.