Set next to the main Municipality Building and among the large residential developments, the eight-story structure will be an understated contemporary addition to the Pristina’s urban silhouette. Thinking outside the basic square box we aimed to design a dramatic exterior that fits its purpose and establishes a positive dialogue with the surrounding environment.

The design concept for DMN Skyline had to relate and respond to the surrounding buildings, yet be individual enough to stand out from the crowd. The client required a building with original exterior design elements to create an eye-catching aesthetic statement. We did applied our signature, holistic approach to façade design with a desire to create something both functional and emotionally appealing. After drafting a number of different concepts, we have decided on an angular, three-dimensional design for the façade. This would give the building singular points of visual interest, but also complement the area around it. Crucially, the unconventional and striking structure of the exterior also served a practical purpose, with exaggerated overhangs further sheltering individual apartments from the elements.

While designing the internal layouts of these apartments, we aimed to set the standard far above the norm and be generous in offering and proportion. The design allows for larger balconies, full size windows filling each room with significant amounts of natural light & ventilation. Maximized ceiling heights, open plan living rooms, wider and bigger bedrooms, all with space to accommodate king size beds, a large amount of storage space within each apartment, make the development the most luxury residential spot in the town. The DMN Skyline has been designed with sustainability in mind and follows the best green building practices resulting in a building that is designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable way. The green roof, photovoltaic panels and the highest standard insolation, the building aims to achieve environmental green star ratings.